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Current Appeal Status

Current Appeals Status

NOTE: Do not use the "Website Help" to request information about a specific appeal or transmit any protected health information (PHI). Emails from this link are sent to AdQIC Web site technical support staff. As they are part of the AdQIC contract and are not QIC representatives, they cannot research or access information about specific appeals or appeals decisions.

Beneficiaries should call 1-800-MEDICARE for information regarding an appeal's status.

Enter the Reconsideration Appeal Number and click "Find." The reconsideration appeal number is located on the acknowledgement letter you received after you sent your request for reconsideration. (See instructions for submitting a request for reconsideration for Part A Appeals and Part B/DME Appeals).

Search results only include the following basic information about an appeal: date receivedappeal status, and deadline. The results, pulled from an automatically updated database, are the only data available to Web site staff.

If your search yields no results/matches, consider the following:

  • Reconsiderations and ALJ decisions that have been closed for more than four weeks are deleted from the Web site’s database and are no longer available through this search feature. If this is the case with your reconsideration or ALJ decision, you must contact the QIC or ALJ office that adjudicated your claim.  
  • Cases at the redetermination (first) level of appeal have a different numbering scheme and are not available on the Web site.

Do you still have questions about checking the status of an appeal? FAQ

Appeal Status